The Fastest 10k in Offshore Model Racing History
The event

On the 24th-25th July 2021 OMRA will be running a special chase boat race at West Bay, Dorset. This will be first time a true fixed distance record attempt challenge will be held. Drivers will get one attempt on Saturday and another on Sunday. The record will be held within each running class.

GPS marker buoys are being used to plot a 10km straight line course heading west along the coast. 5km west and 5km back east.
The Rules
  • Drivers will get a maximum of 30mins to complete their attempt.
  • Saturday will run in class order and the final times will dictate the running order for Sunday's round of attempts.
  • A maximum of 3 stops will be allowed during the attempt. A 4th stop will result in a DNF.
  • Times will be recorded from an observer on the shore line to comply with UIM rules.
  • If the full distance isn't completed, it will still be recorded as a percentage completed to help calculate ranking order.
  • Trophies and plaques will only be awarded to those who complete the distance.

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