Meet the Team

Michael Ranger
OMRA Secretary
Michael is your first point of contact within OMRA. For new and existing members. Michael is very actively engaged with many aspects of the Radio Controlled world and helps and advises people who are interested in the sport.

Alan K-Dobson
OMRA Chairman
Alan is the newly elected Chairman for OMRA in 2021. He oversees many of the behind the scenes operations and works with venues and authorities to ensure races and meetings run smoothly, and works closely with the Race Committee.

Phil K-Dobson
Webmaster & Treasurer
Phil is a part-time web developer and has custom built the OMRA website, race and account management systems. He also looks after the digital timing equipment and setup. All online financials are run through his OMRA web systems.
Race Committee

Mark Copley
MCop Racing
Mark is key member in the RC boat world and highly successful OMRA champion. MCop Racing designs and manufactures Phantom and Catamaran race hulls that are used all over the world. He has a huge amount of experience and can advise with the design, construction and running of race boats.

Luke Copley
MCop Racing
Luke is an active racer, and similar to his father, he works with composite materials. He can advise on racing rules and many aspects of the race events.

Richard Weatherley
Richard is a multiple OMRA champion and has a vast amount of techincal racing knowledge to hand. As a previous Karting champion, Richard is extremely experienced in advising on racing formats, rules and procedures for OMRA races.

Shaun Schneider
Shaun joined OMRA in 2021 but has since become very active within the association. He is a regular at events and is fast becoming a seasoned offshore racer.

Sam Poore
Noah's RC Ark
Sam runs Noah's RC Ark which has become a regular supplier of spares and parts, particularly for the X-Class boats. He competes in D and E Classes and a regular at events.
Key Contacts

Tony Gilder
OMRA Techincal
Tony is a key part of OMRA and is the appointed technical manager and responsible for techincal rules and race boat compilance. In addition, Tony also works with composites and produces carbon fibre race hulls including the popular Pacer and Skater Catamaran variants.

Alan Baldry
Z-Class Organiser
Alan has been involved with model boats for many years and currently organises the races for the independant OMRA Z-Class series. He is your main point of contact for the lake based racing series.
Useful Contacts
Carbon Delight
Carbon & Fibreglass Hulls and Parts Specialists
Phil: 07720889601 Email
Alan: 07505434446 Email
Noah's RC Ark
Model Supply Store
0330 053 2007
Riptide Model Boats
John Smith
Wheelspin Models
Model Supply Store
Prestwich Models
Model Supply Store
Ians Boats
Custom Model Boat Parts
CMB Engines
High Performace Italian
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