Offshore Model Racing is open to all. We have races throughout the year starting in the spring and ending in the autumn.
Some information for you...
Events are held thoughout the year. We welcome anyone who wishes to race. OMRA has different tiered memberships to suit everyone's needs. From casual runners, right through to competitive racers.

OMRA has a very sophisticated wireless timing system used for our races and the membership fees contributes to the running costs and event insurance. Annual membership types available:

  • £20 - Day Racer (Non-Championship)*
  • £40 - Standard (UIM/BPBA Championship - 15% Off Race Entries)
  • £25 - Z-Class Only

  • *Transponders can be rented/provided on race day if available.
    Get the Right Boat
    There are many hulls available, most are fibreglass, but you may wish to splash out on carbon fibre. Offshore racing differs from simply running a boat on a calm lake. You'll need to learn to manage conditions, read waves, and have a boat of sufficient size and style to cope with the open sea. Within OMRA there are members who build hulls of their own designs, and many of the racers have used these with great success. On the contact page, you'll find details on how to contact various hull builders.
    Official Timing
    Since 2019, OMRA has used wireless digital timing. It requires all racers to have a unique IR emitter on the deck of their boats. As boats pass under the truss bridge, detailed lap and race data is recorded. OMRA uses LiveTime software on a large display screen allowing racers and spectators to follow the action in detail. Race anaylsis is posted in realtime online as well. You'll need to purchase a transponder from OMRA. This is £65 and includes guidance and fitting instructions.
    Race Day
    Most races are held at UK costal towns. Various OMRA members volunteer to organise and manage races thoughout the year. They are responsible for handling entries and communication leading up to the race weekend.

    At each race, you'll be required to attend a mandatory morning drivers meeting where the course will be discussed, race timings and any additional safety notices or rules of the day.
    Racing Rules
    Given the vast variety of models, engines and setups for racing, there are some racing rules to adhere by so competition is fair amungst the classes. More detailed rules and regulations can be found here.
    At every race, both individuals and teams score points. Here's how it works.
    RUNNER UP 12 Points YES
    3RD 10 Points YES
    4th 8 Points -
    5th 6 Points -
    6th 5 Points -
    7th 4 Points -
    8th 3 Points -
    9th 2 Points -
    10th 1 Points -
    For the team championship, the winning team on the day is the top 2 drivers, but from results in different classes. To strongly compete in the team championship, you'll need drivers in more than one class.