Project50: 50 Years of OMRA
In 2021, OMRA will be in it's 50th year, and to celebrate this, we will be producing a Limited Edition 50th Anniversary hard back book.
Making the book
So the plan is to collect and collaborate will all current and past members far and wide to gather as many images, magazine/newspaper cuttings, online articles as we can find. From race images to pictures of old boats people may have had, ruined engines, old radio kit, trophy presentations and more.
When will it be available?
We are aiming to get the book produced by the end of 2020, allowing up to 6 months to work on it. You will be able to pre-order the book from the OMRA Shop.
How do I contribute?
On the right/below is an image upload form. Anyone can upload images with accompanying date, location and description which will then catalogue into the database. We will be designing and laying out the book which will be proof shared amungst current members.
Number of contributions so far